Token Utility
The Skillverse Token allows holders to enter skill-based tournaments, purchase and upgrade game characters and other in-game items, and engage in the governance layer of the ecosystem that allows voting on platform roadmap, new game content, and creation of prize pools.
Gameplay Payments and Entry Fees
Players will need Skillverse Tokens to pay an entry fee to all skill-based tournaments.
Gameplay Rewards
Rewards across supported games are paid in Skillverse
NFTs Purchase
Players will need Skillverse tokens to upgrade the NFTs for owning the arena battle.
NFTs Upgrades
Players will need Skillverse token to upgrade the NFTs for hosting Playground and capacity of the tournament, game choices for hosting.
Stacking the Skilverse Token allowing NFTs Owner to Host the Playground and create the Prize Pool.
DAO & Governance
SKV will allow holders to participate in decision-making about the platform features, games roadmap, supply of Game Land.
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